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This video perfectly demonstrates how much worse even the best smartphone cameras are compared to traditional cameras

Hollis Johnson/Business InsiderGoogle’s Pixel 3 smartphone. Google’s Pixel 3 smartphone has one of the best cameras on any smartphone. It takes gorgeous photos, just like its iPhone equivalent. But even the Pixel 3 still struggles to keep up with a traditional camera. Google’s new Pixel 3 smartphone is an excellent device in lots of ways.  […]


ESports Prize Money Eclipses Some Traditional Sports

In case you haven’t heard, professional PC gaming is now a legitimate career path; eSports is turning competitive multiplayer gaming into a lucrative industry that draws huge crowds and sponsorships. And the cash prizes for winners have skyrocketed over the past several years. According to data from, Total Sportek, FIFA, cityam, and CBS (aggregated […]


The Traditional Laptop Is Dead

When is the last time you purchased a laptop? How much better was it than your old laptop? Why did you stop using your old laptop? I’ve been looking at laptops and laptop reviews and my own collection of laptops going back to some real clunkers. I could probably put together a laptop museum. And […]