Man claims hacker talked to him through his Nest security camera

Smart home security cameras are meant to give you the ability to keep an eye on your home even when you aren’t there. When someone else gets access to your camera, though, you can suddenly feel much less safe. That was the experience Phoenix resident Andy Gregg had earlier this year, according to the Arizona Republic. […]

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New wearable tech lets users listen to live music through their skin

Enlarge / Deaf and hearing concert goers enjoy a shared live experience in Las Vegas with new wearable technology from Music: Not Impossible (M:NI). Zappos Back in September, 200 music fans gathered at the Bunkhouse Saloon in downtown Las Vegas for a private live concert with a unique twist: several of the fans were deaf. […]

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Apple walks Ars through the iPad Pro’s A12X system on a chip

Enlarge / The 2018, 12.9-inch iPad Pro. Samuel Axon BROOKLYN—Apple’s new iPad Pro sports several new features of note, including the most dramatic aesthetic redesign in years, Face ID, new Pencil features, and the very welcome move to USB-C. But the star of the show is the new A12X system on a chip (SoC). Apple […]

Emerging Tech

Sit back, relax, and enjoy a ride through the history of self-driving cars

Seemingly within just a few years, autonomous cars have gone from science fiction fantasy to road-bound reality. But while it seems like this technology emerged virtually overnight, the path to self-driving vehicles has  been a long and winding one. While it’s not easy to compress the history of self-driving cars into just ten milestones, we’ve […]

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Elon Musk offers free rides through first Boring Company tunnel from December

[embedded content] Elon Musk says the Boring Company’s first test tunnel for its high-speed transit system will open to the public in a matter of months. In a tweet announcing the news, the billionaire entrepreneur said that free rides will be offered to the public on December 11 after a launch event on the previous […]

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Scientists want to bore holes through clouds using lasers from satellites

Most information today travels through underground cables and from satellites beaming radio signals. In the coming decade, satellite information may instead be sent via lasers, which, among other advantages, are more secure and can carry more data. But lasers have a big weak spot those other technologies don’t have — lasers can’t pass through clouds. […]


Instagram is testing a new way for you to look through your feed

Instagram has gradually accumulated tons of new features over the years — from face filters to video chat to the recent nametag tool to mention just a few. But the developers who tirelessly tweak the app in an effort to enhance the user experience have gone back to basics by testing a new way to scroll […]


‘Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’: Power through the grind with our leveling guide

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey isn’t the first game in the series to have an RPG leveling system — Origins had a similar setup last year — but it’s incredibly important in Odyssey. How important? If you don’t actively seek out ways to earn experience points, you’ll fall way behind and have an extremely hard, if not […]

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Award winning robot travels through water pipes to detect leaks

It sounds unbelievable, but each day around 20 percent of clean water produced in the world is lost as the result of leaky pipes. According to the American Society of Civil Engineers, this amounts to an estimated 6 billion gallons of clean water per day in the U.S. alone. The problem is exacerbated by current […]

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How One Woman Is Helping Vulnerable Communities Through Digital Identities

When blockchain technology was first introduced in 2008, it was designed as a secure public database where you could trade digital currency. But over the past couple years, the tech community has discovered new ways to harness the technology to help vulnerable communities around the globe. One of the most impactful developments has been the […]

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Only a small percentage of users buys stuff through Alexa, report claims

Enlarge / The new Amazon Echo. Valentina Palladino Analysts have been aggressively optimistic in their predictions about the growth of consumer shopping via virtual assistants like Amazon’s Alexa, but a new report claims that only a small fraction of Alexa device owners shop with voice commands. And most of those who do only try it […]

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Watch this Japanese ‘dragon’ drone slither through the air like a flying snake

[embedded content] Drones are awesome, but there are only so many conventional quadcopters you can see before you start to get jaded and lose your sense of wonder. Fortunately, researchers from the University of Tokyo are ready and waiting in the wings to reintroduce said wonder — courtesy of their new drone designed to look […]


George Lucas reveals his plan for Star Wars 7 through 9—and it was awful

Enlarge Friday morning was going pretty well, all things considered. I was at my desk, editing some photos and having breakfast. Then Ars editor Lee Hutchinson pinged me on Slack and ruined it all. “It’s even worse than we could have possibly imagined,” said my boss. “And, as Han Solo said, I can imagine a […]