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Facebook logs 90 million people out of their accounts after security breach

(Johannes Berg/Bloomberg) Brian Fung Policy reporter focusing on telecommunications, media, cryptocurrencies and competition September 28 at 3:21 PM Facebook said Friday that hackers had stolen information that could have allowed them to take over 50 million user accounts, in the latest mishap for the social media company, which has spent months struggling to regain the […]

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Implantable brain device could stop epileptic seizures in their tracks

Enlarge / Epileptic seizures occur when neurons start firing uncontrollably in a cascading snowball effect. Getty Images People who suffer severe epileptic seizures may one day be able to control or even prevent them with an electronic device implanted directly into the brain. An oncoming seizure would trigger the targeted release of a brain-signaling chemical […]

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This photographer captured shots of people texting their most intimate secrets in public – and it's a compelling insight into human nature

Kaspars Grinvalds/Shutterstock If you’ve ever commuted on New York’s subways in rush hour traffic, you may have found your eyes drifting to the open cellphone of the person seated beside you.  This total stranger and fellow commuter might be texting a friend about dinner plans. They might be reading a book on their phone. They […]

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New California Privacy Bill Gives Consumer Sweeping Control Over Their Personal Data

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – California Governor Jerry Brown on Thursday signed data privacy legislation aimed at giving consumers more control over how companies collect and manage their personal information, a proposal that Google and other big companies had opposed as too burdensome. Under the proposal, large companies, such as those with data on more than […]