Microsoft Cracks Top 5 PC Vendor List in US Thanks to Surface

For the first time, Microsoft is one of the top five PC vendors in the US. Redmond’s Surface devices helped it top Acer to become the country’s fifth largest PC vendor by shipments in the third quarter, according to research firm Gartner, nabbing 4.1 percent market share on 602,000 shipments. However, Microsoft is still far […]


Brother’s new laser printers spit out prints with just a tap thanks to NFC

[embedded content] Brother has launched a lineup of seven new color laser printers designed for home offices and small businesses. The new printers integrate access to cloud storage options like Dropbox and Google Drive while mixing in wireless printing and NFC. The lineup includes seven new models, from a basic printer to all-in-ones with copy, […]

Gears & Gadgets

Windows 10 April 2018 Update now open to all, thanks to machine learning

We already know that the Windows 10 April 2018 Update has been the most rapidly deployed of the major Windows 10 updates. Microsoft today said a little about how this speed was achieved—and made the update fully available to every Windows 10 system, representing the final stage of the rollout process. The rollout of each […]

Emerging Tech

Thanks to A.I., there is finally a way to spot ‘deepfake’ face swaps online

The ability to use deep learning artificial intelligence to realistically superimpose one person’s face onto another person’s body sounds like good, wholesome fun. Unfortunately, it’s got a sinister side, too, as evidenced by phenomenon like the popularity of “deepfake” pornography starring assorted celebrities. It’s part of a wider concern about fake news and the ease […]

Emerging Tech

8 things kids born in 2018 will never experience, thanks to technology

Kids born in 1988 grew up not knowing a world without personal computers. Kids born a decade later never knew a world in which the internet didn’t exist. For those born in 2008, smartphones have always been around. What’s the world going to look like for those born in 2018, then? What will be taken […]


CIA’s in-house board games can now be yours thanks to FOIA request

Last year, the CIA used a South By Southwest festival event to reveal one of its weirdest training exercises: a series of globe-trotting, espionage-filled board games. If you’re wondering why we’re circling back to this news almost exactly one year later, we have four letters for you: FOIA. A series of Freedom of Information Act […]