Emerging Tech

Welcome to the uncanny valley: This robot head shows lifelike expressions

[embedded content] You only have to look at the number of research labs and companies developing artificial skin, machine muscles, and, err, sex robots to realize that robots are becoming increasingly lifelike in their appearance. Even with that background, however, we weren’t quite prepared for SEER (short for “Simulative Emotional Expression Robot”), the lifelike robotic […]

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The uproar over how 'Fortnite' is being released for Android shows how much we have acquiesced to Apple's way of doing business

Epic Games “Fortnite” has become so popular that it’s emboldened maker Epic Games to circumvent Google’s Play Store for the Android version. Epic Games announced Friday that it won’t distribute the upcoming Android version of its “Fortnite: Battle Royale” game through Google’s Play Store. The decision caused a stir, because it was so unusual and […]

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Firefox is getting new icons; Mozilla shows off two competing designs

System 1 versus System 2. Fight! Mozilla This would be the “Masterbrand Icon” used to represent all of Firefox. That fox head would be a pretty radical departure. Mozilla From left to right, these would be “Firefox,” “Firefox Nightly” and “Firefox Developer Edition.” Mozilla Icons for Firefox Focus, Firefox Reality, and Firefox Rocket. Mozilla These […]