See ya, CFast: 1TB CFexpress card transfers photos at 1,400MB per second

Previous Next The latest trend in professional removable storage media is fast approaching. At CES 2019, ProgradeDigital — a relative newcomer to the memory game built on the promise of highly reliable media for working professionals — demonstrated a working CFexpress card, featuring a 1-terabyte capacity and bewildering 1,400 megabyte-per-second transfer rate. The card was demonstrated […]

Emerging Tech

The world’s most accurate clock will lose just one second every 14 billion years

NIST Whether it’s timing runners in a race, cooking dinner, or trying to get to the airport on time, the standard minutes, seconds, and milliseconds found on most digital clocks are more than enough to keep folks on schedule. But it’s possible for clocks to get a whole lot more accurate — and a clock […]


Iron Fist’s second Netflix season mostly lives up to its promising trailer

Enlarge / Back to basics: Danny Rand (Finn Jones) trains with Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick) after losing the Iron Fist. Netflix Warning: Major spoilers for Season 2 are below. We expressed guarded hope for the second season of Marvel’s Iron Fist when the trailer dropped last month. And we’re happy to report that the series, […]

Emerging Tech

Robots can peer pressure kids, but don’t think for a second that we’re immune

University of Plymouth To slightly modify the title of a well-known TV show: Kids do the darndest things. Recently, researchers from Germany and the U.K. carried out a study, published in the journal Science Robotics, that demonstrated the extent to which kids are susceptible to robot peer pressure. TLDR version: the answer to that old […]

Emerging Tech

Amazon is opening a second, much larger checkout-less store

Amazon is opening its second “grab-and-go” store in the coming months, and it promises to be much larger than its first one. Amazon Go lets customers take their items and leave without having to visit a checkout. Cameras and sensors placed around the store automatically record a shopper’s selections before charging them to their account […]

Emerging Tech

Watch Virgin Galactic’s second powered test flight of its tourist spaceplane

[embedded content] Whether it’s Branson or Bezos who gets their first, the fact is that commercial suborbital space tourism flights may well be just around the corner. For those with the cash to splash, at least. In a stunning display of its technology over California’s Mojave Desert on Tuesday, Branson’s Virgin Galactic team completed its […]

Gears & Gadgets

Ryzen gains on Intel with second generation

AMD The second-generation Ryzen chips announced last week are now out, and reviews have hit the ‘Net. Unlike the situation last week, we’re now free to talk about what has changed in the second-generation chips and where their improvements lie. Model Cores/Threads Clock base/boost/GHz TDP/W Cooler Price Ryzen 7 2700X 8/16 3.7/4.3 105 Wraith Prism […]