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This cryptocurrency wallet teaches kids to save as virtual money gains a foothold

[embedded content] So you’ve taught your 6-year-old child to read, write, and play nice with others. What’s next? Give them a base understanding of cryptocurrency, of course. After all, what self-respecting modern kid trusts their parents to hand over regular installments of allowance without systematically recording it on the blockchain for posterity? Okay, so we’re […]


‘Battlefield V’ ray tracing tested: Can a patch save RTX?

Games look better with each passing year. We expect that much, but now and then a breakthrough promises a huge leap forward. Programmable shaders. Hardware transformation and lighting. Low-level APIs. These advances have become so fundamental to modern 3D gaming that most gamers don’t think about them, but they didn’t always exist, and their introduction […]

Emerging Tech

Early-detection system for wildfires could save many states from big burns

When it come to dealing with the growing problem of raging wildfires, a number of high-tech solutions have been put forward, including using water-carrying, self-flying helicopters to help extinguish blazes. A new wireless smart sensor system could take a more proactive approach, however, by spotting wildfires before they get out of control to start with. […]


Canon and Nikon Black Friday deals: Save big on new brand-name cameras

Although the built-in cameras on mobile devices are getting better, there is still a huge gap between smartphones and standalone digital cameras. Brand-name digital cameras are expensive, though, with professional-grade DSLR models retailing for well over a grand. That’s why annual retail events like Black Friday are such welcome opportunities to score big discounts on […]


The Razer Black Friday sale is on: Save up to $300 on new gaming gear

Aside from Prime Day, Black Friday weekend is the best time of the year to score big-ticket electronics at deep discounts — and if you’re a gamer who loves deals as much as you love gaming, then Black Friday can be like Christmas-come-early for you. Razer is one of the biggest names in the world […]

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Collapsing ‘robot’ could save you a parking space on Black Friday

Want to be sure you get a parking spot at the mall on Black Friday? Maybe you should get a robot to guard your place for you. No, sadly, Boston Dynamics isn’t leasing out its backflipping parkour-performing Atlas robot or its canine-inspired Spot robot for the day. But the startup MyPark is nonetheless offering a […]

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Novameat’s 3D-printed ‘steak’ looks gross, but could it save the planet?

Does your mouth water at the prospect of a nice juicy steak? How about a nice juicy 3D-printed steak, made using a paste composed of vegetable-based materials like rice, peas, and seaweed? That’s what a new Spanish startup, Novameat, is working hard to bring to market. “I developed the first 3D-printed plant-based beefsteak while I […]


How to save a webpage as a PDF

Everyone eventually comes across a web page they need to save for sharing with teammates or doing offline research. You could just copy and paste the link, but sometimes it’s nice to have the page as an image that you can view offline, mark up, or print. The most flexible solution to this problem is […]

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This high-tech shopping cart from Walmart could save your life

Today’s businesses want to find out as much as they can about the people who use their services so they can improve their offering with a view to building an even more lucrative operation. Store cards and apps already help retail businesses collect customer data, but Walmart would like to know feeling when you’re inside […]

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How Apps Are Helping State Inspectors Save Time And Taxpayer Dollars

By Jenni Bergal Apps are old news, and more than three-quarters of American adults now own a smartphone. But state inspectors only recently have turned to mobile apps, which are saving some of them hours a day and millions of taxpayer dollars. In New York, horticultural inspectors visiting plant nurseries had to lug thick, heavy […]


Livestreaming can save sports broadcasting

Remember when TV brought the family together? Monday Night Football was father-son time. Baseball was a thing to behold. Now dad is more likely to be binge-watching Netflix, while junior can be found on his iPad. Televised sports are starting to lose their luster. NFL TV audiences were down 9.7 percent last year, Premier League soccer […]

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Galaxy Tab S4 review: Even Samsung’s Dex desktop can’t save Android tablets

Enlarge / Samsung Dex can be used with or without an external monitor. Valentina Palladino OEMs are trying to make tablets that can replace your laptop, but most of us know that tablets can’t really do such a thing for power users. However, these new devices try to balance portability and power, giving users a […]

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Could Snap save the internet from fake news? Here’s the company’s secret weapon

Vagelis Papalexakis UC Riverside When Snapchat was first pitched as part of a Stanford mechanical engineering class, the course’s horrified teaching assistant openly wondered if the app’s creators had built a sexting app. Less than a decade later, Snapchat could help solve one of the biggest problems currently facing tech: stopping the spread of “fake […]

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This clever mobile ‘airbag’ could save your phone when you drop it

Philip Frenzel/Landesschau Baden-Württemberg If you’ve never dropped your smartphone, then guess what? It’s going to happen sooner or later. While most phone cases do a stellar job of protecting handsets when they hit the deck, some drops prove too much, leaving you with a damaged handset and a costly repair bill. Ever since the first […]