Emerging Tech

Australian ‘virtual fence’ halves roadkill on one deadly stretch of road

Courtesy of the Save the Tasmanian Devil Program Anyone who has ever driven along a stretch of road outside of a built-up area will have seen the grisly evidence of animals killed by passing traffic. In the U.S., for example, an estimated 1 million vertebrates are run over each day, a rate of approximately one […]

Emerging Tech

Follow the yellow brick road? New pee-based ‘bio-bricks’ cut construction costs

What do you get when you mix human urine, loose sand, and bacteria? The answer is urine-based bio-bricks: A more environmentally friendly substitute for kiln-fired bricks, according to researchers at the University of Cape Town (UCT). Civil engineering master’s degree student Suzanne Lambert recently unveiled the newly formulated bricks. Similar to seashell formation, the bio-bricks result […]


From the road to your wrist, see how Android has evolved over the past 10 years

Ronan Glon/Digital Trends Android started out as a mobile operating system, but over the 10 years since it came to market, it has become so much more. Forks of Android now act as Google’s operating system across a wide variety of different form factors, from automobiles to smartwatches. Because it’s open source — freely available […]