YouTube on Nintendo Switch may finally become reality on November 8

YouTube on the Nintendo Switch may finally be happening, with the video streaming app reportedly arriving to the hybrid console on November 8. The pending arrival of Youtube for the Nintendo Switch was discovered through the official Nintendo website, as reported by Nintendo Life. In some sections, scrolling down to the “You might also like” […]


These gloves will make virtual reality feel even more immersive

[embedded content] Virtual reality can be a truly immersive experience, but a touch of an object in the virtual world doesn’t quite equate to a physical touch you would expect in real life. That is exactly what scientists from EPFL and ETH Zurich have worked to address with newly developed thin and light VR gloves. Called Dextres, the […]


Games aren’t power fantasies. They’re reality repairers

Let’s start with something simple but weird: Game-related purchases account for 75 percent of App Store revenue. That means we spend three times more on play than we do on everything else combined. Three times more on games than on every dollar we dedicate to music and weather and productivity and photography and fashion and […]


Virtual reality breaks free as the HTC Wireless Adapter hits store shelves

Gamers can finally break free from the tethers of virtual reality (VR) as HTC’s Vive wireless adapter officially hits store shelves today, September 25. With models available for both the HTC Vive and Vive Pro, hardcore gamers and developers alike can enjoy stepping into VR without needing to worry about tripping over wires or becoming […]


Facebook appears set on crafting custom silicon for augmented reality devices

Facebook acquired Oculus in 2014 as a part of its development dive into the worlds of augmented reality and virtual reality. Facebook is recruiting — and it’s seeking to hire engineers and designers to assist its Silicon team with the process of crafting custom chips for augmented reality (AR) devices and applications. With speculation that […]


Adobe’s next big software secret? An augmented reality tool called Project Aero

[embedded content] Adobe is jumping into augmented reality. On June 4, Adobe teased a new venture called Project Aero, a tool for creating AR graphics. On Wednesday, July 25, the software giant shared a deeper glimpse into how the company expects creativity and AR to work together. Adobe will also bring USDZ file support to […]


When sci-fi meets reality: Adobe re-imagines AR from ‘Terminator 2’

[embedded content] The science-fiction film, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, has been credited for introducing ground-breaking visual effects in cinema. What’s perhaps more intriguing is that the film was released in 1991, when the computers used to make those effects are now less sophisticated than the iPhone in your pocket. So, what if the visual effects […]

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Trilobites: It’s Time for a Chemistry Lesson. Put on Your Virtual Reality Goggles.

It’s Time for a Chemistry Lesson. Put on Your Virtual Reality Goggles. A new tool allows researchers to manipulate molecules in three dimensions, recalling physical models used to visualize forests of atoms in the past. By Veronique Greenwood July 3, 2018 There was a time when biochemists had a lot in common with sculptors. Scientists […]

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RealWear’s HMT-1Z1 augmented reality headset could change how industries do business

Augmented reality (AR) hasn’t truly permeated the mainstream consciousness just yet, but the technology is swiftly being adopted by global industries. It’ll soon be unsurprising to find a pair of AR glasses strapped to a helmet sitting on the heads of service workers, and RealWear, a company at the forefront on developing these headsets, thinks […]


Google Arts & Culture explores remote world heritage sites in virtual reality

[embedded content] Thanks to Google’s new Arts & Culture project, developed in collaboration with a non-profit called CyArk, you can tour some of the most remote but historically significant locations in the world. The Open Heritage project provides virtual access to 26 world heritage sites in 18 different countries, complete with data about each location, […]


Cultist Simulator is how Sunless Sea’s creators play with cards and reality

Weather Factory’s Cultist Simulator has a straightforward name, but the game itself isn’t so easily defined. It’s interactive fiction that trades in digital cards. It’s filled with intricate text describing otherworldly events, but players are urged to make quick decisions by ticking clocks. It’s a roguelike, where death is final and characters and items arrive […]