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Samsung had a 5G smartphone prototype on display at CES and almost nobody noticed it

Antonio Villas-Boas/Business Insider Samsung had a 5G smartphone prototype on display at CES 2019. It’s the closest official look we have to future smartphones from Samsung that come with 5G compatibility. A variant of Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S10 is said to come with 5G support. Strolling innocently through Samsung’s massive booth at CES 2019 in […]

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Elon Musk unveils prototype high-speed LA transport tunnel

Entrepreneur Elon Musk has unveiled a prototype underground tunnel in Los Angeles which is designed to transport cars at high speed around the city. The tunnel is only a mile (1.6km) long at the moment but the goal is a network to ease chronic traffic congestion. Modified electric cars would be lowered into the tunnel […]

Emerging Tech

MIT’s revolutionary new prototype plane has zero moving parts

[embedded content] The future of air travel could involve planes that pump out zero emissions, produce virtually zero sound, and have zero moving parts. That’s based on a first-of-its-kind plane, created by engineers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), which just made its maiden flight. Rather than employing the standard propellers and turbine blades found in […]

Emerging Tech

Watch as engineers 3D print a bionic eye prototype

University of Minnesota, McAlpine Group At the beginning of 2015, Ray Flynn couldn’t see a thing in front of him. The 80-year-old suffered from a common disease called dry age-related macular degeneration (AMD), which caused him to lose his central line of sight and required him to rely on his peripheral vision instead. Flynn couldn’t […]

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Google Pixel 3 XL prototype shows an all-glass back, giant display notch

You can just barely make out the screen outline here. XDA Developers The back is a glass version of last year’s design. XDA Developers The bottom doesn’t have a headphone jack. XDA Developers Power and volume buttons. XDA Developers It looks like we’re quickly learning more about Google’s upcoming flagship smartphone. After a description of […]

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Disney unveils a prototype virtual-reality jacket to simulate hugs, punches and a snake slithering across your body

[embedded content] A big, green snake slithers up your body, squeezing your rib cage, but you’re not afraid. It’s strangely exhilarating. In this virtual-reality simulation, the snake isn’t real, but the feeling in your chest is. In addition to seeing the snake through a virtual-reality headset strapped to your face, you’re wearing a jacket filled with […]


Pimax takes notes from Valve for its prototype ‘knuckles’ VR controller

Pimax revealed a new knuckles-style controller that will ship with the company’s virtual reality headset. The prototype introduced on Tuesday, April 24, specifically focuses on right-handed gamers as their fingers wrap around the “stem” of the controller. It borrows from Valve Software’s still-unreleased “knuckles” design in that it supports all five fingers, not just two.  […]