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New California Privacy Bill Gives Consumer Sweeping Control Over Their Personal Data

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – California Governor Jerry Brown on Thursday signed data privacy legislation aimed at giving consumers more control over how companies collect and manage their personal information, a proposal that Google and other big companies had opposed as too burdensome. Under the proposal, large companies, such as those with data on more than […]

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G.D.P.R., a New Privacy Law, Makes Europe World’s Leading Tech Watchdog

G.D.P.R., a New Privacy Law, Makes Europe World’s Leading Tech Watchdog ImageThe European Union on Friday enacts the world’s toughest rules to protect people’s online data.CreditDylan Martinez/Reuters By Adam Satariano May 24, 2018 LONDON — The notices are flooding people’s inboxes en masse, from large technology companies, including Facebook and Uber, and even from parent […]

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Facebook's Tracking Of Non-Users Sparks Broader Privacy Concerns

By David Ingram SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Concern about Facebook Inc’s respect for data privacy is widening to include the information it collects about non-users, after Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg said the world’s largest social network tracks people whether they have accounts or not. Privacy concerns have swamped Facebook since it acknowledged last month that […]


Steam Spy announces it’s shutting down, blames Valve’s new privacy settings

Aurich Lawson In light of Internet and social-media privacy landing at the top of major news outlets this week, another major online service announced its own privacy-policy updates on Tuesday. The latest change comes from Steam, the Western world’s largest online PC game seller. According to Steam’s creators at Valve, an updated settings panel will soon […]

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Facebook’s Zuckerberg Said to Agree to Testify Before Congress Over Data Privacy

Congressional testimony by Silicon Valley chief executives is rare, and their appearances have each sparked a media circus. In 2013, Apple’s chief executive, Timothy D. Cook, addressed senators about his company’s tax practices. In 2011, Google’s chairman at the time, Eric Schmidt, spoke about the company’s search practices in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee. […]