This battery-free ‘printer’ turns your smartphone pics into film

Previous Next Before digital, some cameras could run battery-free entirely on mechanics. Now there’s a mobile “printer” that uses the same idea to turn smartphone snapshots into real instant film. The Holga Printer is a completely mechanical mobile printer that is designed to work with the Holga app to mix the perks of smartphone photography […]


How to Color Calibrate Your Monitor to Your Printer

Since the early days of desktop publishing, photo editing, and graphic design, professionals, budding professionals, and hobbyists alike have had to deal with color shifts—seeing one color on a monitor but getting different results when the document, photograph, or artwork prints. Red fruit on a monitor, for instance, comes out orange, chartreuse, neon, or plastic-looking […]

Emerging Tech

Weekend workshop: Make this 3D-printed side table, even without a 3D printer

Unfortunately, you can’t 3D print your own furniture quite yet — at least not easily. Unless you have access to industrial-level machinery or are willing to print a gazillion pieces on your Makerbot, printing home furnishings on demand just isn’t possible for most of us. However, despite the fact that printing an entire coffee table […]


Brother’s new INKvestment Tank printer is made for people who hate buying ink cartridges

[embedded content] What if you didn’t have to change your printer’s ink cartridges for a year? That’s the proposition from Brother’s new MFC-J995DW multifunction inkjet printer, which is the first model to use the company’s new INKvestment Tank system that provides a year’s worth of ink before needing replacement. Priced at $ 200, the J995DW […]

Emerging Tech

FDM vs. SLA: Which type of 3D printer is right for you?

There’s currently a struggle between two very different 3D printing technologies, known as FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) and advanced SLA (Stereolithography). The two methods are very, very different, but they are both likely to stick around the 3D printing world. Each has its own important strengths and applications. However, if you’re buying or learning how […]