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The cofounder of Refinery29 explains how she built a global media brand that reaches 425 million people a year

Refinery29Christene Barberich is the cofounder and editor in chief of Refinery29. Christene Barberich is the cofounder and editor in chief of Refinery29. Refinery29 is a lifestyle and news media company primarily for young women. Across all of its global sites, social media accounts, and events, Refinery said it will reach 425 million people this year. […]

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Facebook announced a new $200 gadget that would put a camera and microphone in your home – and plenty of people aren't ready to trust it

Rob Price/Business Insider Facebook launched its video-chat and smart speaker device, Portal, on Monday and reactions have been largely skeptical.  Portal comes standard with a built-in microphone and camera, and many people are wondering why they should trust Facebook amid a year filled with data breaches and the Cambridge Analytica scandal.   Facebook launched its hardware device, Portal, on Monday […]

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Facebook logs 90 million people out of their accounts after security breach

(Johannes Berg/Bloomberg) Brian Fung Policy reporter focusing on telecommunications, media, cryptocurrencies and competition September 28 at 3:21 PM Facebook said Friday that hackers had stolen information that could have allowed them to take over 50 million user accounts, in the latest mishap for the social media company, which has spent months struggling to regain the […]

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As a longtime Spotify devotee, I'm always shocked people don't know about one of its best features – here's how to use it

Spotify With nearly 200 million monthly users – of which a staggering 83 million are paid subscribers – Spotify is one of the most popular music services in the world. It’s easy to understand why Spotify is so big. As a longtime paid subscriber, I have universally positive things to say about the streaming service. […]

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Justice Department argues Trump could block anyone he wants on Twitter, not obliged to let people 'piggyback' on his tweets

REUTERS/Mark KauzlarichDonald Trump speaks at a campaign stop in Spencer, Iowa December 5, 2015. The Justice Department said it appealed a “fundamentally misconceived” ruling in which President Donald Trump was found to have violated the US Constitution by blocking Twitter users from his account. The DOJ argued Trump’s account belongs to him “in his personal […]


Brother’s new INKvestment Tank printer is made for people who hate buying ink cartridges

[embedded content] What if you didn’t have to change your printer’s ink cartridges for a year? That’s the proposition from Brother’s new MFC-J995DW multifunction inkjet printer, which is the first model to use the company’s new INKvestment Tank system that provides a year’s worth of ink before needing replacement. Priced at $ 200, the J995DW […]

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This photographer captured shots of people texting their most intimate secrets in public – and it's a compelling insight into human nature

Kaspars Grinvalds/Shutterstock If you’ve ever commuted on New York’s subways in rush hour traffic, you may have found your eyes drifting to the open cellphone of the person seated beside you.  This total stranger and fellow commuter might be texting a friend about dinner plans. They might be reading a book on their phone. They […]

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New ‘smart’ Rubik’s Cube tracks your stats, lets you race against other people

[embedded content] From Rubik’s Cubes so large and complex that they’re practically torture implements to robots that are able to solve a standard cube in just 0.38 seconds, we’ve covered some pretty neat Rubik’s Cube-related projects here at Digital Trends. A new Kickstarter campaign also takes everyone’s favorite 3D combination puzzle as its jumping-off point — […]

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10,200 people gave this Kickstarter start-up for 3-D headphones nearly $3 million. They have nothing to show for it.

The Ossic X smart headphones. (David Becker/Getty Images) The latest hardware venture to amass buckets of crowdfunding money has left more than 10,200 backers $ 2,708,472 short and without their own pair of 3-D audio headphones. In a letter to backers on its Kickstarter page, the tech company Ossic wrote that it was shutting down and would not deliver any […]