Emerging Tech

A projection onto Sydney Opera House causes huge rumpus in Australia

Projection mapping can be a beautiful spectacle, with the digital performance art allowing artists’ imaginations to run riot with colorful creations that splash entertaining imagery onto huge buildings. Suggest projecting an ad onto Sydney Opera House, however, and you could run into trouble. A national debate has been raging among Australians for the past week after […]


Esports protest sees soccer fans hurling controllers and consoles onto field

Professional soccer clubs are showing a growing interest in esports as they look for ways to exploit the growing genre with deals that tie in with their own sport. But some club fans aren’t happy about it. Case in point: A section of fans from Swiss top-flight teams F.C. Basel and Young Boys brought their […]

Emerging Tech

Photos of the BMW Vision iNEXT Concept leak onto the web despite embargo

[embedded content] Earlier this week, journalists from around the world, including yours truly, were invited to preview BMW’s all-new Vision iNEXT Concept as it travels around the world to various cities to be showcased. Although we were all under an embargo, the photos of the concept somehow leaked onto the web before it lifted. So […]