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Forget hands — this 3D-printed clock keeps time using nothing but marbles

[embedded content] Thanks to wearables like the Apple Watch, there’s no doubt that our timepieces are getting smarter and more high-tech. However, if you really want an attention-grabbing way to tell the time (albeit a slightly less convenient one), look no further than student Görkem Bozkurt’s amazing 3D-printed clock. Based on a “rolling ball clock” […]

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10,200 people gave this Kickstarter start-up for 3-D headphones nearly $3 million. They have nothing to show for it.

The Ossic X smart headphones. (David Becker/Getty Images) The latest hardware venture to amass buckets of crowdfunding money has left more than 10,200 backers $ 2,708,472 short and without their own pair of 3-D audio headphones. In a letter to backers on its Kickstarter page, the tech company Ossic wrote that it was shutting down and would not deliver any […]