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Google Home Hub—Under the hood, it’s nothing like other Google smart displays

The Google Home Hub. Ron Amadeo A side view. Ron Amadeo Here’s the back. Ron Amadeo The Home Hub is tiny. Here it is next to the smaller Pixel 3. Ron Amadeo Here it is next to my Pixel 2 XL. Ron Amadeo I can cover the whole screen with my phone. Ron Amadeo Google […]

Emerging Tech

Forget hands — this 3D-printed clock keeps time using nothing but marbles

[embedded content] Thanks to wearables like the Apple Watch, there’s no doubt that our timepieces are getting smarter and more high-tech. However, if you really want an attention-grabbing way to tell the time (albeit a slightly less convenient one), look no further than student Görkem Bozkurt’s amazing 3D-printed clock. Based on a “rolling ball clock” […]


Your phone’s flash has nothing on the powerful, pocketable Lume Cube

Hillary Grigonis/Digital Trends Modern smartphones put high quality cameras in your pocket, but finding equally portable lighting can be a challenge. The base Lume Cube is a photo and video light that’s built to be as portable as a phone, built around a tiny but bright LED source that is suitable for a number of […]

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10,200 people gave this Kickstarter start-up for 3-D headphones nearly $3 million. They have nothing to show for it.

The Ossic X smart headphones. (David Becker/Getty Images) The latest hardware venture to amass buckets of crowdfunding money has left more than 10,200 backers $ 2,708,472 short and without their own pair of 3-D audio headphones. In a letter to backers on its Kickstarter page, the tech company Ossic wrote that it was shutting down and would not deliver any […]