Luminar’s new libraries don’t even need you to manually import images

Previous Next Skylum Skylum Skylum Skylum Skylum Luminar finally has a digital asset management library — and photographers don’t even need to import images. On Thursday, December 6, Skylum opened pre-orders for Luminar 3, an update that brings the long-teased library tools to the RAW photo editor, effectively turning the program into a Lightroom competitor. […]

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NASA’s planet-hunting TESS satellite: What you need to know

[embedded content] Initially slated for a two-year mission, NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) soars in an elliptical, 13.7-day cycle around the Earth. It’s a unique and extreme orbit that’s never been used before, varying as close as 67,000 miles and as far away as 232,000 miles from its home planet. According to, the stable […]

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Time for test-tube turkey? Everything you need to know about lab-grown meat

Lab-Grown burger from Memphis Meats Memphis Meats The word meat has new meaning. Where it once referred exclusively to animal flesh harvested from a carcass, today a lab-grown variety is calling that definition into question. A handful of enterprising startups have raised and invested hundreds of millions of dollars into the concept of lab-grown meats, […]

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What you need to know before importing that exotic Chinese Android phone

Enlarge / The Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 Palace Museum Edition. Xiaomi In the last few years, we’ve witnessed a big change to the way the smartphone market works. China has become both the biggest smartphone market on Earth and home to some of the most interesting smartphone companies. Lately, all the cool and crazy smartphones […]

Emerging Tech

Autonomous drones perform search and rescue without the need for GPS

A new drone developed at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) could be the key to finding hikers lost in the woods. A challenge with search and rescue operations for people lost in forests is that helicopters and drones which fly above the tree canopy cannot see down to the forest floor to locate them, so autonomous […]

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Uber may start delivering burgers by drones as soon as 2021 because its CEO says 'We need flying burgers'

Saumya Khandelwal/ReutersUber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi Uber is looking to hire an operations executive to make drone delivery functional by next year and available for commercial use by 2021, according to a jobs listing spotted by The Wall Street Journal. In May, Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi acknowledged his company was working on a drone delivery project […]


The 5G Laptop Won't Need Storage

The Samsung Galaxy Book2 is prologue. The latest LTE-enabled laptop, which promises 20-plus hours of battery life running full Windows applications on its Qualcomm Snapdragon 850 processor, combines an “it’s always ready” smartphone feeling with the “it can do anything” ability of real Windows. That is if the wireless carriers let this innovation happen. Next […]


GamesBeat Decides 100: The BOBO tactician doesn’t need a gun

It’s our 100th-episode spectacular! To celebrate, we are doing exactly what we always do! That’s right. This week’s episode of the GamesBeat Decides podcast is a power-hour of two guys pretending to know what they’re talking about. Co-host and GamesBeat reviews editor Mike Minotti has spent some time with Soul Calibur 6, and he tells […]


Nvidia GeForce RTX GPUs: Everything you need to know

Riley Young/Digital Trends After months of speculation, Nvidia finally revealed its next-generation graphics architecture at Gamescom, with CEO Jensen Huang hailing it as the greatest advancement in its GPU technologies since CUDA cores were introduced back in 2006. It adds new technologies that bring about lighting techniques thought to still be years away from being […]

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Need an outfit for Halloween? Check out these 3D-printed costumes

So it’s getting closer to Halloween and you’re scrambling for a costume idea, or you’re missing that special piece to tie it all together. Well, instead of frantically buzzing around town looking for the right shop with the right stuff, have you considered 3D printed Halloween costumes? Fire up that printer and check out our […]


Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift 2: Everything you need to know

Chuong Nguyen/Digital Trends The Oculus Rift feels like it’s been around for a lot longer than it actually has. The VR headset was originally launched on Kickstarter back in 2012 — with its eventual consumer launch over two years ago in 2016. But with the launch of HTC’s Vive Pro earlier this year, you may […]


Microsoft Surface Studio 2: Everything you need to know

[embedded content] When the Microsoft Surface Studio first came out, it seemed like a timely and ambitious project: An all-in-one, flexible desktop computer with a stunning screen and tons of designer-friendly features. A closer look revealed some problems with this large addition to the Surface family, including an underwhelming processor and a few too many […]


Everything you need to know about the Pixel Slate

The Pixel family is about to welcome a new member on October 9: The Pixel Slate (also known under the code name “Nocturne”), a new Pixel tablet that uses Chrome OS and may provide a viable alternative to Chromebooks for many Google fans. But what do we know about the Pixel Slate? Here’s everything we […]


Stop missing the mark — here’s what you need to know about autofocus settings

Gannon Burgett/Digital Trends Despite modern advancements in photography making it easy for every man, woman, and child to get their Annie Leibovitz on, taking breathtaking photos isn’t always quite as simple as just hitting the shutter button. To make the most of your camera, you should understand a wide range of prerequisites, skills, and advanced functions in order to get […]