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Microsoft Is Worth as Much as Apple. How Did That Happen?

Supported by Microsoft Is Worth as Much as Apple. How Did That Happen? ImageMicrosoft’s stock price has nearly tripled since Satya Nadella became chief executive in 2014.CreditCreditTed S. Warren/Associated Press By Steve Lohr Nov. 29, 2018 Just a few years ago, Microsoft was seen as a lumbering has-been of the technology world. It was big […]

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This video perfectly demonstrates how much worse even the best smartphone cameras are compared to traditional cameras

Hollis Johnson/Business InsiderGoogle’s Pixel 3 smartphone. Google’s Pixel 3 smartphone has one of the best cameras on any smartphone. It takes gorgeous photos, just like its iPhone equivalent. But even the Pixel 3 still struggles to keep up with a traditional camera. Google’s new Pixel 3 smartphone is an excellent device in lots of ways.  […]

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Drink too much beer at a Dallas Cowboys game? Now a free robot-driven van will scoop you up afterward.

(Courtesy of ((Photo courtesy of October 20 at 7:00 AM Things are not only bigger in Texas, they’re also hotter, more sprawling and increasingly traffic-clogged thanks to a population boom that has lasted nearly a decade. In many of the state’s fast-growing, car-dependent cities, these realities make for lousy walking conditions and long […]

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Google to charge Android OEMs as much as $40 per phone in EU

Google’s Building 44, where Android is developed. Ron Amadeo We’re still seeing the fallout from the European Commission’s $ 5 billion antitrust fine against Google. Earlier this week, Google announced it would comply with the ruling by unbundling the Google Android app package, allowing OEMs to skip Chrome and Google Search in favor of alternatives. The […]


Sony crammed 28x zoom, 4K into a $450 camera that weighs as much as a smartphone

Previous Next Sony Sony Sony Sony’s HX90-series zooms mix tiny bodies with big zoom lenses — and now, more power. On Monday, October 15, Sony introduced the Sony Cyber-Shot HX99, a compact zoom with an updated processor that enables both 4K and longer burst shoots. The $ 450 camera is heading to the United States and […]

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State of the Art: ‘Overtourism’ Worries Europe. How Much Did Technology Help Get Us There?

State of the Art ‘Overtourism’ Worries Europe. How Much Did Technology Help Get Us There? ImageCreditCreditGlenn Harvey By Farhad Manjoo Aug. 29, 2018 Over the summer, my wife and I traveled with our two young kids on a two-week vacation through Europe. It wasn’t as highfalutin as it sounds. In London, our Airbnb had ample […]

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Tech Fix: The Internet Trolls Have Won. Sorry, There’s Not Much You Can Do.

tech fix The Internet Trolls Have Won. Sorry, There’s Not Much You Can Do. When it comes to online comments and discourse and what you can do to limit their toxicity, you only have a certain amount of power. The real leverage lies with the tech companies. Image CreditMinh Uong/The New York Times By Brian […]

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Galaxy Note9 hands-on—Samsung ships a bigger battery, not much else

The Galaxy Note9. Ron Amadeo The back is a big sheet of glass. Ron Amadeo The fingerprint reader has moved out of the camera assembly and onto its own island. It’s a lot easier to reach now. Ron Amadeo Here’s the home screen. Ron Amadeo The software is very Samsungy. Ron Amadeo The throngs of […]

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The uproar over how 'Fortnite' is being released for Android shows how much we have acquiesced to Apple's way of doing business

Epic Games “Fortnite” has become so popular that it’s emboldened maker Epic Games to circumvent Google’s Play Store for the Android version. Epic Games announced Friday that it won’t distribute the upcoming Android version of its “Fortnite: Battle Royale” game through Google’s Play Store. The decision caused a stir, because it was so unusual and […]

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Amazon is opening a second, much larger checkout-less store

Amazon is opening its second “grab-and-go” store in the coming months, and it promises to be much larger than its first one. Amazon Go lets customers take their items and leave without having to visit a checkout. Cameras and sensors placed around the store automatically record a shopper’s selections before charging them to their account […]


From the 6S Plus to the X, how much did the iPhone camera improve?

The iPhone X features Apple’s latest-and-greatest camera technology, but does the device actually capture better photos than any of the iPhone models that came before it? Here, we pitted the four latest iPhones — from the 6S Plus to the X — to see just how much Apple’s camera technology has improved over the past several years. When […]


T-Mobile: 5G Won't Start Out Much Faster Than 4G

T-Mobile’s nationwide 5G network will start out 25-50 percent faster than its existing 4G LTE network, the carrier said today. That’s much slower than the multi-gigabit speeds AT&T and Verizon have been touting, but those carriers largely plan to use very different spectrum. T-Mobile is mostly going for range with its nationwide 600MHz because it […]