New Windows 10 19H1 preview lets users remove more pre-installed Microsoft apps

A fresh Windows 10 install usually traps consumers with some pre-loaded Microsoft apps and services, but that may have just changed. With the release of the latest Windows 10 19H1 preview build on October 17, Microsoft is letting some consumers remove more of the pre-installed inbox app bloatware from their PCs. Any pre-installed third-party games and […]


Ars eats more bugs, finds a few we like

Enlarge / Yes, those are crickets adorning this otherwise standard chips-and-guac. John Timmer Around this time last year, one of our intrepid staff members took on something that’s on the verge of being a culinary trend: eating bugs. In Beth’s case, this involved incorporating cricket-based flour into a traditional muffin recipe. The results were anything […]


Aurora HDR 2019 applies A.I. to achieve more natural high dynamic range images

Skylum High dynamic range photography is easy to overdo into harsh colors and unnatural images — but the popular HDR-focused editor Aurora HDR is now using artificial intelligence to create more natural-looking edits. Skylum Aurora HDR 2019, launching on October 4 and now available for pre-order, is the most sophisticated version of the HDR tool […]