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VisionCheck might give you the option to ditch your visit to your optometrist

Next time you want to get your eyes tested, you may not have to visit the optician — you could test your eyes yourself at home using a new gadget that was named an Innovation Awards Honoree at CES 2019. The EyeQue VisionCheck is an automated optical device that lets you measure your eyes’ refractive […]

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Remember Bitcoin? Some Investors Might Want to Forget

Supported by Remember Bitcoin? Some Investors Might Want to Forget ImageFor a few sweet months of 2018, all of Silicon Valley was wrapped up in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and a related technology called the blockchain. Not anymore.CreditCreditInts Kalnins/Reuters By Nellie Bowles Dec. 27, 2018 PALO ALTO, Calif. — Last year around this time, a toy […]

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Facebook reportedly stopped a project to encourage healthier political discussions after a key exec thought it might offend conservatives

Chesnot/Getty ImagesJoel Kaplan and Mark Zuckerberg Facebook shelved a project called “Common Ground” that would aim to encourage healthier political discourse on the platform, reports the Wall Street Journal. Part of the reason why: Joel Kaplan, the company’s policy chief, thought it would spark fears of anti-conservative bias – something Facebook has sought to avoid. […]

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Apple’s iOS 12.1.2 fixes eSIM and cellular bugs, but there might be more to it

Enlarge / The iPhone XR. Samuel Axon Apple released a new version of iOS yesterday, and the public notes this time apply just to iPhones. Labeled iOS 12.1.2, it arrives just two weeks after 12.1.1 hit, and primarily, it fixes a couple of bugs. Both bugs are related to cellular connectivity and apply only to […]

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New simulation shows how Elon Musk’s internet satellite network might work

From Tesla to Hyperloop to plans to colonize Mars, it’s fair to say that Elon Musk thinks big. Among his many visionary ideas is the dream of building a space internet. Called Starlink, Musk’s ambition is to create a network for conveying a significant portion of internet traffic via thousands of satellites Musk hopes to […]

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What Apple might announce at its October 30 “special event” in Brooklyn

Enlarge / The 10.5-inch (left) and 9.7-inch iPad Pros. Andrew Cunningham This coming Tuesday, Apple will host its second live product announcement event of the fall. While September’s event focused on three new iPhone models and an updated Apple Watch, we expect this event to include updates to the iPad Pro that would add new […]

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State of the Art: The Problem With Fixing WhatsApp? Human Nature Might Get in the Way

State of the Art The Problem With Fixing WhatsApp? Human Nature Might Get in the Way ImageCreditCreditDoug Chayka By Farhad Manjoo Oct. 24, 2018 Should the world worry about WhatsApp? Has it become a virulent new force in global misinformation and political trickery? Or, rather, should the world rejoice about WhatsApp? After all, hasn’t it […]

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Why Your Next Pair of Shoes Might Be Made by…HP?

[unable to retrieve full-text content] Artificial intelligence is truly everywhere, even in your shoes. That was on full display at the Footwear Innovation Summit in Los Angeles, where I checked out whether I’ll be trading in my Dr. Martens for 3D-printed sandals any time soon. PCMag.com Latest Articles


Your ‘Do Not Track’ tool might be helping websites track you, study says

Millions of people are using “Do Not Track” tools which do nothing, according to a recent study done by Forrester Research. The “Do Not Track” features embedded in popular browsers are being ignored, opening up the possibility of consumers having their browsing information picked up by specific ads on the web. In the research, picked up by Gizmodo, […]

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Look out construction workers; Japan’s new robot might steal your job one day

[embedded content] Boston Dynamics’ Atlas robot is capable of some impressive feats, but researchers from Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) institute have created what looks like an eminently more practical and down-to-earth humanoid robot. Case in point: While Atlas is busy showing off its skills by performing picture-perfect backflips, AIST’s […]

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Hands-on: HP’s leather-clad laptop might just be the best convertible around

HP Spectre Folio. Valentina Palladino HP Spectre Folio in the Forward position. Valentina Palladino HP Spectre Folio keyboard and touchpad. Valentina Palladino HP Spectre Folio USB Type-C ports. Valentina Palladino HP Spectre Folio SIM slot behind the screen, with a SIM in it. Valentina Palladino HP Spectre Folio exploded into parts. The bottom frame is […]

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Report: Amazon might open 3,000 cashier-free Amazon Go stores by 2021

Amazon is having quite a week, and it’s making other companies so nervous that it’s starting to rattle the stock market. After shaking up a whole bunch of ecommerce sites with a test of a new visual-based shopping service, Amazon Scout, Bloomberg is reporting that Jeff Bezos’ growing empire of brick-and-mortar stores could be joined […]


Drooling over the newest full-frame cameras? You might not need one after all

Nikon’s new Z7 full-frame camera with sensor exposed, unveiled at the Z7’s launch event in Tokyo. Les Shu/Digital Trends Full-frame cameras are making headlines again. With Nikon and Canon recently announcing new lineups of full-frame mirrorless cameras, you might be asking yourself, what’s the big deal? In truth, full-frame digital cameras are nothing new, but with these […]