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Novameat’s 3D-printed ‘steak’ looks gross, but could it save the planet?

Does your mouth water at the prospect of a nice juicy steak? How about a nice juicy 3D-printed steak, made using a paste composed of vegetable-based materials like rice, peas, and seaweed? That’s what a new Spanish startup, Novameat, is working hard to bring to market. “I developed the first 3D-printed plant-based beefsteak while I […]

Emerging Tech

Ex-Rolls-Royce engineer looks to conquer the tiny home market with the Conker

Previous Next How will we all live in the future? If some science fiction stories are to believed, it could be in shiny and spherical pod-style homes that resemble giant soccer balls on stilts. If the year 3000 can’t come around quick enough for you, former Rolls-Royce and Bentley engineer Jag Virdie has your back. […]


Nostos is an open-world VR RPG that sure looks like Sword Art Online

I’m a simple man. I love beautiful, cel-shaded worlds; role-playing games; and fighting monsters online with friends. Similar in many ways to Sword Art Online, Nostos is all of those and more, in virtual reality, and I’m absolutely foaming at the mouth to see more of this game. I would really love a true, in-universe VR […]

Emerging Tech

Judgmental A.I. mirror rates how trustworthy, kind you are based on your looks

[embedded content] As the success of the iPhone X’s Face ID confirms, lots of us are thrilled to bits at the idea of a machine that can identify us based on our facial features. But how happy would you be if a computer used your facial features to start making judgments about your age, your […]

Emerging Tech

Here’s what art looks like in 2018: Spheres that react to your presence

In the 1960s sci-fi spy thriller series The Prisoner, the residents of a small coastal resort are kept from escaping their location by a weird floating white balloon called Rover, which recaptures or eliminates anyone who tries to leave. Here in 2018, a group Random International has created a fleet of similar-looking autonomous flying spheres, […]

Gears & Gadgets

It looks like Google is readying the Pixelbook to run Windows 10

Enlarge / The 12.3-inch QHD display has large bezels around it for better grip in tablet mode. Valentina Palladino Google’s Pixelbook is some beautiful, well-built hardware, but its use of Chrome OS means that for many people, it will be too limited to be useful. Although Chrome OS is no longer entirely dependent on Web […]


5 reasons why the new Razer Blade looks amazing

Razer recently announced the newest version of its Razer Blade gaming laptop — and it looks pretty stunning. If you’ve always wished gaming laptops weren’t so chunky and outdated, this is going to wow you. The Razer Blade has always been a solution to that problem — but the newest version looks better than ever. […]

Emerging Tech

Squeeze up! The latest Skyrider airplane seat still looks really uncomfortable

Aviointeriors As if flying in coach wasn’t already challenging enough, there’s a company out there that could make the experience even more of a squeeze if airlines end up buying its latest seat design. The seat — no, let’s call it for what it is, a perch — is made by Italian firm Aviointeriors, and […]


The latest ‘PUBG’ update looks to significantly alter the pace of play

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds latest PC update changes the makeup of blue zones and adds some life to Miramar, the game’s second map. The update is available now on the live server after spending a few hours on the test server. The blue zone, which effectively controls the pace of each match by shrinking the playable area, […]