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Regular paints and plastics will soon be able to ‘heal’ like skin

[embedded content] Imagine if paints, plastics, or even coatings like the ones which protect our cell phone screens were able to heal the way human skin does whenever they suffered damage. That’s what researchers at Clemson University have been working toward — and their solution is almost ready for mass-manufacturing prime time. Although the technology […]


Ars eats more bugs, finds a few we like

Enlarge / Yes, those are crickets adorning this otherwise standard chips-and-guac. John Timmer Around this time last year, one of our intrepid staff members took on something that’s on the verge of being a culinary trend: eating bugs. In Beth’s case, this involved incorporating cricket-based flour into a traditional muffin recipe. The results were anything […]


Thrustmaster TPR: The best flight sim pedals you can buy in a store like a normal person

Enlarge / This is probably the TPR pedals’ best angle—looks almost like a race car engine. Lee Hutchinson Specs at a glance: Thrustmaster Pendular Rudder pedals Manufacturer Thrustmaster Device type Flight simulator rudder pedals with toe brakes Axes Three Sensor type 3D Hall effect magnetic Controller precision 16-bit (all axis) Interface USB type-B Price $ […]

Emerging Tech

This DIY wearable lets you see the world like a dolphin does

As one of its most notable applications, Lidar technology is most commonly associated with self-driving cars. Engineer Andrew Thaler had a different use in mind: Creating a Lidar-powered wearable device that lets you experience life the way a dolphin would. Called DolphinView, the head-mounted display fuses Lidar technology with the technology developed for bone-conducting headphones […]

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The CEO of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies describes his vision for the future of travel: 'Today we're treated like animals. We can do things better'

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Dirk Ahlborn, CEO of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies is the head of one of several businesses working on Elon Musk’s hypersonic transportation project. Ahlborn feels there’s plenty of room for improvement with the current public transportation model – including security and efficiency. Business Insider interviewed Ahlborn about the Hyperloop project and the company’s […]