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A projection onto Sydney Opera House causes huge rumpus in Australia

Projection mapping can be a beautiful spectacle, with the digital performance art allowing artists’ imaginations to run riot with colorful creations that splash entertaining imagery onto huge buildings. Suggest projecting an ad onto Sydney Opera House, however, and you could run into trouble. A national debate has been raging among Australians for the past week after […]


Nvidia Reports Huge Decline In GPU Sales for Cryptocurrency Mining

Demand for graphics cards in the cryptocurrency mining world appears to be plummeting. On Thursday, Nvidia reported a huge drop in GPU sales for cryptocurrency mining rigs during this year’s second quarter, when Bitcoin’s value sunk to a yearly low. Nvidia originally anticipated “cryptocurrency-specific product revenue” reaching $ 100 million during the quarter, but it […]

Gears & Gadgets

Huge Apple Maps outage prevents all users from searching, getting directions [Update]

Enlarge Valentina Palladino Those who attempted to use Apple Maps this morning during their commutes were met with a frustrating situation—Apple’s navigation app hasn’t been working properly for much of the day. Problems appeared around 7am PT/10am ET, resulting in errors when users searched for route directions and for specific locations. The message “Directions not […]

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Apple's mistakes with HomePod will cost it a huge new market, according to a brutal Deutsche Bank analysis

AppleEven fancy ads can’t up the HomePod’s appeal. Analysts at Deutsche Bank said Apple’s HomePod smart speaker has “missed the mark” because it’s too limited and expensive compared to Google and Amazon’s competitors. This is important, because smart speakers might be the gateway for big tech firms into the growing smart home market. Amazon and […]