Intel and StreamLabs partner to create dedicated livestreaming hardware

The latest CPUs from Intel have made it easier than ever to livestream. If you want to get serious about your Twitch, Mixer, or YouTube channel, and don’t want to spend your time scouring Newegg for deals, Intel and livestreaming tool creator Streamlabs have your back. They are teaming up to offer multiple solutions that […]


PC hardware overclockers created the best YouTube beef of 2018

Over the last year, YouTube stars have used “beef” as a way to promote their personal brands. Jake and Logan Paul appropriated this idea from the rap scene, and they sanitized and monetized it because everything is awful and dumb. But while Jake Paul was busy pretending to defend the honor of his girlfriend so he […]


Gear Envy: My Collection of 500+ Pieces of Computer and Gaming Hardware

With the help of supportive family, I have amassed nearly 300 computers, 150 game consoles, and tons of accessories over the past 25 years. This is my journey through archiving computer and video game history. PCMag reviews products independently, but we may earn affiliate commissions from buying links on this page. Terms of use. *Record Scratch* […]

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Major US telecom was infiltrated by backdoored Supermicro hardware, Bloomberg says

Enlarge Eric Kilby / Flickr Five days after Bloomberg stunned the world with still-unconfirmed allegations that Chinese spies embedded data-sniffing chips in hardware used by Apple, Amazon, and dozens of other companies, the news organization is doubling down. Bloomberg is now reporting that a different factory-seeded manipulation from the previously described one was discovered in […]

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New Microsoft hardware launching on October 2

Enlarge / Surface Laptop. Justin Wolfson Microsoft is holding a hardware event in New York City on October 2. We’re expecting the event to be relatively low-key, with a focus on refreshes of existing form factors rather than anything extraordinary and new. The release of the Whiskey Lake and Amber Lake processors by Intel means […]


Nintendo reportedly rolling out new, more hack-resistant Switch hardware

Enlarge / A shot of some of the hardware used to discover the Fusée Gelée exploit, which is reportedly now fixed on newly sold Switch units. Kate Temkin Months ago, word leaked out to the public of an “unpatchable” exploit method that allowed Switch users to run custom firmware, homebrew code, and even pirated software […]


Loupedeck+ brings improved hardware controls to Lightroom — and Luminar

The Loupedeck, the bespoke Lightroom control console, is no longer just for Lightroom. The new Loupedeck+ offers an enhanced build and compatibility with additional photo editing programs. Announced on Wednesday, June 20, the Loupedeck+ is compatible with Lightroom Classic CC and Skylum Luminar, and Capture One integration is currently being tested. The Loupedeck+ looks very similar the […]

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Exclusive: Plume’s new “Superpod” hardware is here—and it’s fast

Plume made a splash into the burgeoning Wi-Fi mesh scene a couple of years ago by promising to do things differently. In a market where vendors vie with each other to put the biggest, nastiest-looking hardware with the biggest possible numbers on the box, Plume seemed to say, “That’s not how you actually fix Wi-Fi.” […]


Apple is reportedly planning to abandon Intel hardware by 2020

Apple’s Mac lineup is reportedly gearing up for a major hardware shift that could end up leaving some users out in the cold. According to Bloomberg, Apple plans to abandon Intel chips as early as 2020, bringing Apple’s own A-series processors to Mac hardware. The report is a little thin, but this is huge news […]