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Apple AR glasses: News and rumors about ‘Project Mirrorshades’

Apple has major plans for augmented reality (AR). These started with ARKit, a new augmented reality platform launched at its annual Worldwide Developer Conference this year, and then built into iOS 11. That means you can try out AR apps for yourself right now if you own an iPhone X or any other iOS 11-compatible device, […]

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Spanish scientists: EnChroma glasses won’t fix your color blindness

Enlarge / EnChroma glasses have always had both skeptics and true believers. Who’s right? It’s complicated. EnChroma The much-touted EnChroma glasses don’t help colorblind users see new colors; they merely let the colorblind see the same colors in a different way, according to a new study published in Optics Express by scientists at Spain’s University of […]


3D Facebook photos jump out of the newsfeed, no glasses needed

Facebook photos are tapping into another dimension. On Thursday, October 11, Facebook launched 3D Photos, a format that uses dual-lens smartphone photos to add dimension to images in the newsfeed. The result? Images that have depth and movement when you tilt your smartphone or view inside a headset. Like moving a smartphone to pan around […]

Emerging Tech

Worried about your screen use? These glasses block them out wherever you go

[embedded content] There are plenty of reasons to be worried about the length of time we spend staring at screens each day. While companies like Apple introduced features like iOS 12’s Screen Time counter, a new Kickstarter campaign offers a more radical way for screen-addicted folks to kick the habit: Block them out altogether. Inspired […]

Gears & Gadgets

Intel Stops Working on Smart Glasses

Intel’s foray into wearables is coming to a close; it will shut down its new devices group, which produced the Vaunt smart glasses it showed off in February, among other things, The Information reports. One of the main hurdles to developing a pair of smart glasses is making them look “normal.” Intel appeared to have […]