Here’s how to give a Steam game as a gift

One of the best things about games is how they can bring people together. In this age of digital distribution, it’s easier than ever to give games as gifts to friends and family anywhere in the world. Steam, Valve‘s PC game distribution platform, has a stranglehold on how PC games are bought and sold: It’s almost […]

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Ultra-bright LEDs give us a glimpse of all that space junk orbiting Earth

[embedded content] Whether it’s electronic waste from old gadgets that are thrown into landfill sites or the enormous amounts of plastic in our oceans, there is a big problem with pollution on Earth. Unfortunately, the fact that this continues to be an issue, despite its visibility, shows how tougher it is to raise awareness. Imagine […]

Emerging Tech

Give your phone the finger with this creepy, versatile robotic attachment

[embedded content] There was a time in history when we thought that selfie sticks were the weirdest smartphone accessory that could ever exist. Now, an unusual, altogether unsettling new phone attachment will make you reconsider. Called MobiLimb, it’s a robotic finger that plugs into your smartphone and pulls itself along the floor by making beckoning […]

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Watch Airbus give its whale-shaped Beluga plane a cute makeover

Airbus Airbus’s Beluga aircraft is named after the Arctic whale that it resembles, and just in case anyone was in any doubt about just how similar the two look, the plane maker recently gave its new BelugaXL aircraft the cutest makeover ever. According to Airbus, 20,000 employees were allowed to vote on six different liveries, […]

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To give bees a break, farmers pollinated an entire apple orchard using drones

[embedded content] With bee populations continuing to decline, farmers, conservationists, and technologists alike are busy searching for a solution to help carry out pollination. A New York-based company recently lent a high-tech hand to assist a local apple orchard pollinate its 300 acres of tasty crops. The Beak & Skiff Apple Orchard in LaFayette called […]

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YouTube Kids to give parents more control over output

Google says it will add new parental controls to its YouTube Kids app, after inappropriate videos were repeatedly discovered on the service. One of the new options prevents channels that have not been vetted by human moderators appearing on the app. Parents will be able to choose between human-curated playlists and letting YouTube’s algorithms decide […]