This A.I.-powered camera follows the action to produce epic selfie videos

[embedded content] Trying to shoot a selfie video, but can’t stay in the frame? An artificially intelligent camera could soon help. During CES, Remo Technology teased the Obsbot Tail, what the company calls the first artificial intelligence-powered autonomous director camera. The camera-gimbal combo uses A.I. to keep the subject in the frame. Now, the Obsbot Tail […]


Epic, Improbable create $25 million fund to transition devs away from Unity

Unity found itself at the center of a controversy today, and now competitor Epic Games is turning up the heat. Unity is cutting off future support for the online-multiplayer development platform SpatialOS from accessing its game-development toolkit. Improbable, the owner and operator of SpatialOS, posted a blog about this corporate spat and claimed this move […]


Ubisoft goes Steam-less, embraces Epic Games Store for The Division 2

Enlarge / The soldier here is Ubisoft. The Capitol building is Steam. Epic is… the turret? The Epic Games Store’s relatively new effort to take on Valve’s Steam juggernaut received a major shot in the arm today. That’s because Ubisoft has announced that the PC version of The Division 2 will not be sold on […]


Epic opens Fortnite’s cross-platform services for free to other devs

Enlarge / Players from seven different gaming platforms could be in this shot, and in your game, too! Part of the massive success of Fortnite has been the ability for hundreds of millions of players to join with each other across myriad computer, mobile, and console platforms. Now, Epic is laying out a roadmap to […]


Epic Games unhappy with Google’s disclosure of ‘Fortnite’ launcher vulnerability

Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends Epic Games recently addressed a vulnerability in the Android launcher for Fortnite that would have allowed hackers to slip malware onto users’ devices, and though players should no longer have to fear any issues, Epic isn’t too happy with the way Google handled the problem. The vulnerability was detailed on Google’s Issue […]


Epic Games hauls in $15 million from ‘Fortnite’ on iOS in just three weeks

Sensor Tower It may be “free to play,” but that doesn’t mean it’s not making a ton of money. Fortnite was released on iOS platforms last month, and in the first three weeks, Epic Games has made a pile of cash just from in-app purchases. According to Sensor Tower, a site that tracks app growth, revenue […]