Gears & Gadgets

Apple Music arrives on Amazon’s Echo speakers starting December 17

Enlarge Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images Apple Music subscribers will have a new way to listen to music soon. Amazon announced that Apple Music will be available on Echo devices next month, beginning the week of December 17. “We are committed to offering great music providers to our customers and since launching the Music Skill API to […]


Cortana, meet Alexa: Buy an Xbox One from Amazon and get a free Echo Dot

If you’re looking to add some new technology to your living room in a hurry, Microsoft and Amazon have just the deal for you. Starting Thursday morning, October 11, anyone who purchases an Xbox One bundle from Amazon will receive an Amazon Echo Dot device. The deal applies to several different Xbox One X and […]

Emerging Tech

Temi is your personal robot butler, like an Amazon Echo Show on wheels

While popular culture has consistently served up a vision of the future that features robot servants at our beck and call, they’ve been slow to infiltrate our homes so far. Despite the development of increasingly sophisticated robotics and artificial intelligence, domestic robots have yet to take off. Temi could be in the vanguard of a […]


Watch how Valve’s Knuckles controllers work with Lone Echo and Fallout 4 VR

Here’s a video of one of VR’s best games being played with its most promising new controllers. Brian Lindenhof, a VR developer best known for his work on Climbey, has uploaded a video of him playing Ready at Dawn’s Oculus Rift exclusive, Lone Echo, using the Revive app. The new controllers, which were shipped out to […]


Amazon Echo Look Now Available Without an Invitation

Heads up, fashion lovers: Amazon’s $ 200 hands-free camera and style assistant Echo Look is now available to everyone in the US who wants one. Previously, only those with an invitation could order the fashion-focused Echo Device. Unveiled in April 2017, the Alexa-powered camera is designed to sit on your dresser to take photos and […]