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Europe’s space agency plans to build its own micro-gravity moon base — on Earth

Artist’s rendering of the Luna facility. Before astronauts step foot in a rocket ship, they undergo grueling training in simulated environments meant to prepare them for the unforgiving space beyond Earth’s atmosphere. Everything is tested and accounted for, from the crew down to their tiniest tools. Now, the European Space Agency (ESA) is developing an […]

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Ultra-bright LEDs give us a glimpse of all that space junk orbiting Earth

[embedded content] Whether it’s electronic waste from old gadgets that are thrown into landfill sites or the enormous amounts of plastic in our oceans, there is a big problem with pollution on Earth. Unfortunately, the fact that this continues to be an issue, despite its visibility, shows how tougher it is to raise awareness. Imagine […]

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NASA’s planet hunter satellite gets first hit in its search for another Earth

Relocating is complicated enough when you’re simply moving to a new city. Scientists at NASA have taken property searches up an infinite number of levels, however, as they search for another Earth. NASA’s planet-hunting team turned up a potential relocation candidate on the first pass with a new satellite. The Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) uses four […]

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High-res thermal cameras used in ’Planet Earth II’ now found in British tanks

The British Army’s tanks are getting a tech upgrade — and it’s courtesy of some of the same gadgetry that previously helped bring David Attenborough’s jaw-dropping series of Planet Earth II wildlife documentaries to life. Developed by the U.K.-based engineering company Leonardo as part of a bid by defense-focused multinational company BAE Systems, the new “electro-optic […]

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There’s a new way to 3D print graphene, the strongest material on Earth

Virginia Tech, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory With its incredible strength and potentially miraculous applications, there is a lot to be enthusiastic about when it comes to graphene. But it’s one thing to show off these possibilities in a lab; another entirely to turn it into something that’s usable in real-world situations. That’s something that researchers […]

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These astronauts will whiz around Earth 34 times before reaching space station

[embedded content] With so much coverage given these days to unmanned rocket launches by the likes of SpaceX and Blue Origin, you’d be forgiven for forgetting that we do actually continue to stick folks inside those super-powerful contraptions and send them into space. The latest crewed launch (above) took place on Wednesday, transporting three astronauts […]


Get your pickaxe ready: The next MineCon Earth show streams in September

[embedded content] Minecraft fans will be pleased to learn that the second annual MineCon Earth event will take place on September 29. The 90-minute interactive live-stream will cram all the “best bits” from previous conventions into one show for the entire world to watch for free. The event will feature pre- and post-show segments, along […]