Emerging Tech

VisionCheck might give you the option to ditch your visit to your optometrist

Next time you want to get your eyes tested, you may not have to visit the optician — you could test your eyes yourself at home using a new gadget that was named an Innovation Awards Honoree at CES 2019. The EyeQue VisionCheck is an automated optical device that lets you measure your eyes’ refractive […]

Gears & Gadgets

The Apple Watch will soon ditch its mechanical buttons, report says

Enlarge / Buttons on the side of an Apple Watch Series 3. Valentina Palladino FastCompany published a report today citing “a source with direct knowledge” of Apple’s plans for a future Apple Watch that will feature solid-state, touch-sensitive buttons instead of the clickable ones that are currently part of the device. This will apply to […]

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It'll be harder to ditch your 'bloated' cable package if AT&T merges with Time Warner, Dish says

(Rick Wilking/Reuters) Amid sky-high cable bills, many TV viewers have sought to cut costs by firing their TV providers and switching to a relatively new crop of online alternatives offering fewer channels at a lower price. These “skinny bundles” are often streamed live over the Internet and on mobile devices, creating new experiences for TV […]