Disney wants to make shows exclusively for Twitter

(Reuters) — Walt Disney will create live sports, news and entertainment programming specifically for Twitter’s social network, a move to attract online viewers and advertising revenue through digital video. Comcastnetworks including NBC and MSNBC, Viacom’s Comedy Central, MTV and BET, and others also are developing content for the social network, according to a statement on […]

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Disney unveils a prototype virtual-reality jacket to simulate hugs, punches and a snake slithering across your body

[embedded content] A big, green snake slithers up your body, squeezing your rib cage, but you’re not afraid. It’s strangely exhilarating. In this virtual-reality simulation, the snake isn’t real, but the feeling in your chest is. In addition to seeing the snake through a virtual-reality headset strapped to your face, you’re wearing a jacket filled with […]