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Samsung folding smartphone revealed to developers

Samsung has unveiled a folding handset at an event in San Francisco. It described its Infinity Flex Display as “the foundation of the smartphone of tomorrow” and said it intended to start production within months. When unfolded, the device resembles a 7.3in (18.5cm) tablet. When closed, a separate smaller “cover display” on the handset’s other […]

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What developers say Apple needs to do to make the Apple TV a gaming console

Enlarge / The Apple TV 4K and remote. Samuel Axon As we observed in our review last year, the Apple TV 4K has so much potential for gaming. Its hardware is actually pretty powerful given the type of device it is. It shares development tools and infrastructure with one of the most successful gaming marketplaces […]


Ricoh Theta V plug-in program is now live, developers can build tools to expand 360 camera

Ricoh’s flagship Theta V 360 camera could soon see expanded features beyond what even Ricoh can imagine. The company announced that the Ricoh Theta Plug-In Partner Program is now up and running, and additional development tools and support are available. The program, which Ricoh first announced on January 8 at the 2018 CES Show, opens […]