AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su: AMD is ‘deep in development’ of ray tracing

AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su AMD’s CEO, Dr. Lisa Su, strode out confidently to deliver the company’s first CES keynote address. Held on Wednesday, January 9, it came later in the show than its competitors’ conferences. Yet that didn’t take the edge of the anticipation felt by AMD’s fans, nor did it seem to shrink […]

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Scarily realistic ‘deep video portraits’ could take fake news to the next level

[embedded content] If you think it’s been a problem up to this point, the fight against fake news is about to get a whole lot harder. That is thanks to artificial intelligence technology which is making the creation of so-called “deep fake” videos more convincing at a frankly terrifying rate. The latest development comes from […]

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Soft robotic hand gives scientists new grip on deep sea life

 It’s often said that we know less about the deep ocean than we do about the moon. The pitch-black, high-pressure underwater environment makes it tough to brave its depth — even when explorers dive vicariously through remotely operated vehicles (ROVs). But we learn more about the deep ocean with every passing day. Marine biologists still […]


This wacky foot-long macro lens lets you probe deep into the insect world

[embedded content] Here’s a lens you wouldn’t want to pull out of your bag in a high-security area. You might want to stick it into a nest full of bugs, though. First teased a couple of years back, Venus Optics’  Laowa 24mm f/14 2x Macro Probe lens for Canon, Nikon, and Sony cameras has a […]

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These ‘tentacular’ jellyfish lamps bring the deep sea to the surface

ghArt has always found inspiration in nature, from prehistoric cave paintings to dynamic modern architecture. In the tradition of bio-inspiration, a German designer named Max Jürgensen has created a stunning lamp that mimics the appearance and fluid movement of a jellyfish. The Jellyfish Motion Lights are part lamp, part installation, and completely captivating. “I’ve always […]


Amazon's $249 Deep Learning-Enabled Camera Now Available

Amazon’s $ 249 deep learning-enabled video camera is now available for developers. First unveiled last fall, AWS DeepLens is a programmable video camera designed to teach the basics of deep learning through example projects and tutorials. Developers of all skill levels can get started “in less than 10 minutes,” Amazon says. Deep learning, for the […]