Razer Blade Stealth (2019)

Since its debut in 2016, the Razer Blade Stealth has been one of the best ultraportable laptops on the market, a thin and well-designed machine without dedicated graphics hardware for gaming. That last aspect separates it from most of Razer’s laptops, which are made with gaming in mind, like the flagship Blade 15. The new […]


Razer's New Dual-Storage Blade 15 Gaming Laptop Starts at $1,599

Razer’s Blade 15 gaming laptop is getting a new model that’s a little thicker but has more memory and will cost you less. This “dual storage” model includes both SSD and HDD memory and lowers the gaming laptop’s starting price to $ 1,599. You’ll get 128GB of SATA SDD on top of a 1TB HDD. […]


Razer Blade 15 gives more bang for your buck, adds ‘mercury white’ edition

Previous Next When Razer introduced its lineup of Razer Blade gaming notebooks, they were seemingly built without compromise with a price tag to match. Before today, anyone looking to get their hands on a Razer Blade 15 would need to shell out at least $ 1,900. However, Razer introduced a new base model to the […]


Razer Blade 15 (2018) review

Research Center: Razer Blade (2018) Gamers have grown up. Plenty of us love to play games, but we also have jobs and computing needs outside the arena. We want the best of both worlds — something as sleek as a MacBook, but with the horsepower of a desktop command station. It’s a goal Razer has […]


5 reasons why the new Razer Blade looks amazing

Razer recently announced the newest version of its Razer Blade gaming laptop — and it looks pretty stunning. If you’ve always wished gaming laptops weren’t so chunky and outdated, this is going to wow you. The Razer Blade has always been a solution to that problem — but the newest version looks better than ever. […]


Razer Blade (2018)

Razer’s Blade is consistently one of our favorite gaming laptops, marrying form and function in a way most powerful machines do not. In the 2018 Blade (starts at $ 1,899.99), the headline feature is the introduction of Nvidia Max-Q technology, which allows a more powerful graphics card to fit in a slim chassis. The technology […]