The Best Laptops for College Students in 2019

How to Choose a Laptop to Last Through School If you’re a student, a laptop is as essential as your textbooks and school ID—and not just because of your school work. It should also be able to handle your big extracurricular activities: keeping up with your social networks, streaming movies, listening to music, posting photos, […]


The Best Chromebooks for 2019

Low-Cost Windows Alternatives Plenty of laptops, from budget to deluxe, are available in all sorts of shapes and sizes. But what do you buy when pretty much everything you do is online, you don’t need much in the way of software support, and you want to spend in the low hundreds, never mind the thousands? […]

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The best electric scooters of 2018

Related reads Electric scooters are an undeniably awesome way to get around. Unlike how it is with electric skateboards, it doesn’t really take much practice to figure out how to ride a scooter safely. You also don’t need a license like you do with a motorcycle or a car. And best of all? You also […]


The Best Digital Cameras for 2019

A New Camera-Shopping Landscape Buying a digital camera is a very different experience than it was a few years ago. Smartphone cameras keep getting better, so there are a lot fewer buyers out there for budget pocket shooters. And because of that, there aren’t that many good, inexpensive point-and-shoots. Meanwhile, entry-level SLRs have serious competition […]

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A top YouTuber did a 'blind' test to find the very best smartphone camera, and the iPhone lost in the first round

On paper, and in technical comparisons, the iPhone XS ranks among the world’s best smartphones when it comes to photography. But in a blind test conducted by popular YouTube tech vlogger Marques Brownlee, the iPhone XS flunked out in the first round. Crazier still, it lost against a BlackBerry smartphone. Google’s Pixels, renowned for their […]


The best desktop computers

As mobile devices become more capable, the desktop — our old standby — is too easily forgotten. While manufacturers might lament the decline in desktop sales, it’s all good news for consumers. You’ve always been able to get more bang for your buck out of a desktop computer than you could out of, say, a laptop. […]

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Best iPod Touch games

As some of the fastest-growing portable gaming platforms today, it’s no wonder that over a quarter of the 500,000 apps (applications) available to Apple iPhone and iPod Touch owners are digital diversions. In fact, given these devices’ user-friendly, motion-sensing interfaces; sharp 3D graphics; selection of titles for all ages and interests at a variety of […]


The Best Computer Monitors of 2018

Improve Your View: The Right LCD Monitor The monitor you’re using right now might have come bundled with your desktop PC, or maybe you bought it back when 1,024 by 768 was considered “high resolution.” Since you spend a huge part of every day looking at your screen, however, it pays to be picky when […]


The best ‘Fortnite: Battle Royale’ weapons

Picking up a gun in Fortnite Battle Royale is simple. Choosing the best weapon, though, isn’t always an easy decision to make. What do the different colors for each weapon mean? What should you choose when playing solo versus as a team? We’ve got you covered with an overview of weapon basics, rarity types, and the most effective arms […]


The best free MMORPGs

If you’re looking to delve into the MMO world without paying upfront, there is no better time than now. Check out our choices for the best free MMORPGs on the market, so you can hack, slash, and shoot your way through the next six months of your life. Related best-ofs Note: Most free-to-play games have additional components […]


There are the best Cyber Monday console deals

There’s still time to pick up a new gaming console at a discounted price thanks to Cyber Monday. Whether you’re in the market for a PlayStation 4, Nintendo, Switch, or Xbox One, you have plenty of deals to choose from. But hurry, you’re running out of time and you never know when one of these […]

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The best vaporizers for flower and concentrates

Smoking is out, and vaping is in. As we continue to prioritize the health of our lungs, herbal vaporizers have sprung onto the scene as a new way to get your fix without inhaling carcinogen-laden smoke. While tabletop vaporizers have long dominated this market, handheld vaporizers continue to get smaller, lighter, and more powerful. For […]