Epic, Improbable create $25 million fund to transition devs away from Unity

Unity found itself at the center of a controversy today, and now competitor Epic Games is turning up the heat. Unity is cutting off future support for the online-multiplayer development platform SpatialOS from accessing its game-development toolkit. Improbable, the owner and operator of SpatialOS, posted a blog about this corporate spat and claimed this move […]

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Microsoft adding support for Movies Anywhere, giving away free X-Men movie

Enlarge Movies Anywhere Microsoft’s Movies & TV app for Windows 10 and Xbox now supports the Movies Anywhere service. And for a limited time, if you add your Microsoft account to the Movies Anywhere app, you’ll get a free film. Movies Anywhere, originally launched by Disney in 2014, brings together movies you’ve bought from a […]


Microsoft is digging itself a hole by giving away free Surface Docks

Technology companies sometimes do things that leave me scratching my head. I wrote about one example in my Surface Book 2 editorial, where I outlined a few of the reasons why I regret purchasing the innovative but inherently flawed 2-in-1 device. Now, Microsoft has done it again, with its latest offer of a free Surface […]

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I was blown away by how well this $530 phone's camera compared to Google's $650 Pixel 2, the best smartphone camera in the world

Antonio Villas-Boas/Business Insider What better way to test out a couple of the best smartphone cameras than on a casual stroll through town. I was curious to see how the $ 530 OnePlus 6 fared against the $ 650 Google Pixel 2 – the latter of which sports the best camera on any smartphone at […]

Emerging Tech

7 times Honda’s iconic Asimo robot blew us away (and 1 side-splitting fail)

Spencer Platt/Getty Images Honda’s Asimo robot caused many a jaw to drop over the years, its impressive array of talents for a long time putting the diminutive android well ahead of the competition. But the Japanese company recently announced it’s retiring its creation after decades of development. The last of several versions left the workshop […]

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Burglars got away with breaking into billionaire Jeff Bezos's Beverly Hills mansion after leading police on a car chase

Drew Angerer/Getty ImagesAmazon CEO Jeff Bezos Burglars tried to break into Jeff Bezos’ Beverly Hills mansion last week. They didn’t end up stealing anything from Bezos’ home, but it’s suspected that the same culprits broke into another nearby home that same night. After the police chased them for 25-minutes by car, the burglars escaped on […]


Sci-fi stunner Prospect values small stories in a galaxy far, far away

Enlarge/ Sophie Thatcher (right) and Pedro Pascal in Prospect. Prospect film still AUSTIN, Texas—Make no mistake, South by Southwest conference film darling Prospect takes place within a giant, intergalactic reality. Even lower- to middle-class adventurers like our heroes, Cee (Sophie Thatcher) and Damon (Jay Duplass), have a spacecraft and mostly functional equipment. And when this […]