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Services drove Apple’s best third quarter ever, but iPhone sales aren’t growing

Enlarge / Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks about the new Apple headquarters during a media event in Cupertino, California, on September 12, 2017. JOSH EDELSON/AFP/Getty Images Apple reported very strong earnings to investors on its quarterly earnings call today. The company beat most analysts’ predictions for the quarter with a 17-percent increase in revenue year-over-year. […]

Emerging Tech

Social (Net)Work: Fake news spreads faster than truth, but bots aren’t to blame

[embedded content] Criticism for hate speech, extremism, fake news and other content that violates community standards has the largest social media networks strengthening policies, adding staff, and re-working algorithms. In the Social (Net)Work Series, we explore what social platforms are doing, what works, what doesn’t, and possibilities for improvement.  Sequestered in the dormitory as the […]