The next Alien project will be a mixed-media experience in 2019

20th Century Fox announced the next project, or possible projects, in the Alien universe on Saturday by way of a vague and tantalizing social-media post. This next Alien universe release, slated for a “2019” launch, includes a “read, watch, play” promise, suggesting a mixed-media launch whose various parts could commingle. Its interactive aspects will be […]

Emerging Tech

Cigar-shaped comet may actually be an alien probe, Harvard scientists suggest

An artist’s rendition of the first interstellar comet, Oumuamua, which some scientists now think may be an alien probe. Last November, astronomers detected an outer-space object unlike anything detected before. The visitor, dubbed Oumuamua (pronounced “oh-MOO-ah-MOO-ah”), arrived from interstellar space, beyond the bubble-like region that demarcates the sun’s domain. Its unusual origin story wasn’t the […]


Laika: Forget historic tragedy, this first space dog saves alien planets

[embedded content] Trailer for Laika The story of Laika—the first pup launched into space—has been documented everywhere from Ars Technica to Arcade Fire songs. This decidedly tragic tale starts with Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev wanting to press his country’s perceived space advantage over the United States after the USSR’s Sputnik had beaten US efforts into […]


Sable’s alien desert is a central figure in its story

The open-world exploration game Sable has an extraordinary art style, appearing as a kind of living science-fiction graphic novel. But the eponymous character’s journey is common in the world, a coming-of-age ritual that will urge her to cross massive sand dunes and explore palatial ruins. Developer Shedworks teamed up with publisher Raw Fury, and the […]