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Roku just released three new 4K, ultra-HD streaming devices, starting at only $40 – here's how they stack up against Google's and Amazon's

roku ultra 2018RokuThe new Roku Ultra.

Using a Roku to stream 4K, ultra-HD TV and movies just got a lot cheaper.

The company just announced three new additions to its lineup of streaming devices – the Roku Premiere, Premiere+, and Ultra. These members of the Roku family were technically already on the market before, but these new models announced on Monday have notable upgrades, not to mention slashed prices.

By offering 4K streaming for as cheap as $ 40, Roku is taking on competitors like Google and Amazon, which both offer their respective 4K streaming devices for around $ 70 each. The Roku Premiere, its flagship 4K streaming device, was offered at that same $ 70 price point, but that’s now down to $ 40 with this new model.

All three devices are available for pre-order, and will be shipped in October.

Here’s what they’re like:

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