7 Video Games You'll Want to Buy in May

Be it fighting games, coop action, or RPGs, May rolls in with seven video games you won’t want to pass up.
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7 Video Games You'll Want to Buy in May

If you’re on the hunt for new video games, May has some excellent titles hitting store shelves throughout the month, and we’ve narrowed the selection down to seven must-own games.

April had some great games, make no mistake about it. Yakuza 6: The Song of Life saw Kiryu, the sweetest Japanese gangster, return to protect his loved ones and his under-the-table businesses with good, old-fashioned fisticuffs. But the month’s greatest draw was God of War, which planted the god-slaying Kratos at the center of Ragnarök in the frigid Norse wilds to delivered plenty of action combat, character-building equipment, and lengthy end-game content.

If you chewed through God of War, Yakuza 6, or any other April offering, May has plenty of games on tap. Nintendo Switch, for example, is getting ports of a few fantastic games. Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition lets you play as Link, Ganondorf, and a host of other Zelda series icons, and gives you hordes of monsters to slash through as you conquer the many maps in the game. Detroit: Become Human puts you in the shoes of three androids in the midst of an existential crisis. You must investigate the rich cityscape to learn more about the futuristic world and decide the fate of the cast.

But May has much more to offer, so take a peek at our list below.

  • 1 Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze

    Platforms: Nintendo Switch
    Release Date: May 4
    MSRP: $ 59.99

    Donkey Kong and his simian siblings must reclaim their island and put a stop to the evil walrus Fredrick and his arctic reavers. Tropical Freeze is a vibrant, intensely challenging platformer that boasts dozens of completely unique and wonderfully interactive levels, five playable characters, and local cooperative play. With its release on the Nintendo Switch, players can also enjoy the platform-hopping madness on the go.

  • 2 Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire

    Platforms: PC
    Release Date: May 8
    MSRP: $ 49.99

    A sequel to the successful 2015 Pillars of Eternity, this new iteration gives players an all-new isometric RPG to dive into. Set once again in the highly detailed realm of Eora, you can lose yourself in the ever-changing world, filled with involved NPCs, a rich cast of companions, class-based gameplay, and of course, a voluminous number of story-affecting decisions to make.

  • 3 Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition

    Platforms: Nintendo Switch
    Release Date: May 18
    MSRP: $ 59.99

    Hyrule Warriors makes its way onto the Nintendo Switch, featuring improved 1080p visuals, as well as all previously released DLC and expanded story content. This hack-and-slash action game pits Link and a sizeable cast of heroes and villains from across the entire Zelda series against an evil sorceress who has merged the many timelines together to claim Link for herself. Hyrule Warriors also features an astounding amount of optional content, giving Switch players plenty of bang for their buck.

  • 4 Dark Souls Remastered

    Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One
    Release Date: May 25
    MSRP: $ 39.99

    The iconic action-RPG Dark Souls makes its returns this month with a remastered version for current-gen consoles and PCs. This rich, highly detailed world of swords and sorcery pits you, a lone warrior, against hordes of insane undead warriors, evil knights, and abominable demons, as you quest to learn the truth about the world and the undead curse you are afflicted with. Dark Souls has become one of the most lauded and referenced games of our time, so if you’re itching to replay it, now is the time.

  • 5 Detroit: Become Human

    Platforms: PS4
    Release Date: May 25
    MSRP: $ 59.99

    Become Human is a cinematic experience that takes you through the life of three androids in a futuristic Detroit, who become embroiled in a criminal crisis that challenges the norms of society. Androids are developing a consciousness and are going rogue, so Connor, a police android, Kara, a recently sapient android, and Markus, a rebel android, will encounter one another on their journey. If you’re curious to see how Heavy Rain director David Cage explores humanity, give this game a shot.

  • 6 Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection

    Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
    Release Date: May 29
    MSRP: $ 39.99

    Street Fighter is the most iconic fighting game series in the world, with a rich arcade history spanning 30 years. To celebrate, Capcom is releasing the 30th Anniversary Collection, a compilation of Street Fighter, the five Street Fighter II iterations, Street Fighter Alpha 1, 2, and 3, and three iterations of Street Fighter III. The collection supports online multiplayer, and even includes a neat museum that players can explore to learn more about the series.

  • 7 Dragons Crown Pro

    Platform: PS4
    Release Date: May 15
    MSRP: $ 49.99

    Dragon’s Crown Pro is a love letter to the side-scrolling arcade beat ’em ups of old, particularly the Dungeons and Dragons games. Featuring six playable characters, four-player online coop, and some astounding character and sprite art, Dragon’s Crown Pro is definitely a game you’ll want to dive into if you have a soft spot for dungeon crawling or action. The Pro version even supports multiplayer with the older PS3 and PS Vita version, so you won’t want for fellowship.

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